Are you ready for Winter?

We’ve made it through thanksgiving, but does that mean we will make it through the holiday season without any problems? We strongly encourage all who are in our network to winterize their homes by prepping for the worst case scenarios. A few frequent problems we encounter are:

  • Refrigerators. Most people forget that a fridge needs upkeep. It needs basic cleaning and maintenance, otherwise it will go belly up on you when you least expect it. We have had dozens of tenants lose hundreds of dollars worth of food due to improper care for a refrigerator. For more details, check out sites like this one. 
  • Condensated Windows and window sills. This one can lead to some real health problems. All too often in the cold seasons, we don’t let the air in our homes circulate. We also tend to keep the blinds and curtains shut to keep out the cold, this creates a lot of condensation on the windows that can lead to mildew growth and eventually mold. No one wants to go through that, so crack your windows from time to time to give your home a fresh breath. Also, wipe down the window sills weekly to keep the water from settling.  The water can also cause unwanted damage that can take away from your security deposit return as well. 
  • Clearing debris from sides of the house. Some of the times winter storms knock down limbs and debris into our yards. Make sure not to pile those up against the house, as it can attract unwanted rodents and/or insects. This can also cause damaged to the siding. Not to mention those pesky HOA’s breathing down your necks for an unkept yard.

There are many other ways to prevent your home from having troubles this winter. Make sure you are prepared for all cases of emergency, from flashlights and candles to food storage for in times of need. 

We hope you have a safe and happy holiday season.