Two Guarantees in life.

There are only 2 guarantees in life… Death and Taxes. We have struggled quite a bit from losing our dear teammate and friend, Donna, back in January of this year. She was such an example and strength to all of us here at RPMToday. She carried a large part of our team and helped our everyday life to be much richer. As time goes by, we are able to get the work done timely and efficiently again, but the aching still lingers for us and for those who knew her.

Taxes are due in a few weeks and that often stands as a looming fear and symbol for many. We have learned that bearing down and getting it done as soon as you can allows for a freedom of thinking. This allows you to move forward and past the burden that taxes often have on us. Although it feels like the government owns us by taking so much of our hard earned money in our pay, it’s all about the perspective that we have. Here is an article that shows many other countries that have much higher taxation on their people than what we have here in the US. When putting the right perspective on things, we can have a much better attitude and outlook on what taxes we pay to our government. Now, if we could get the government to be more efficient with the funds that they do receive through taxation, we would all have a little less to complain about.