Laundry, tips and tricks of the trade.

Everyone has it and not many like to do it. But there are many ways to be efficient at it and having best practices in your laundry will help you in your daily, weekly, or monthly routine.

  • The Dryer Lint trap. This is crucial to keep clean and clear. The dryer lint trap plays a crucial role in the drying process. It is there to catch debris from clogging up the ventilation system, however, if not properly maintained, itself can be the main reason for blockage. Check out this short video for a brief tutorial on how to make sure you clean it right.
  • Folding a Fitted Sheet. Most people don’t know how to fold a fitted sheet. It makes a very awkward storage in your linen closet when you have a bunch of stuffed up fitted sheets piled in there. To save space and for more organized storage, check out this short video.
  • Storing and Organizing Laundry. Folded sheets and towels tend to topple over if not folded well or organized perfectly. Over time we can also lose track of set of sheets. Check out this site to see how to best organize your sheets.

Here is a cheat sheet for other Laundry tips.