A First Impression can be everything…

Advertising your home for rent is a bit like preparing for a blind date. First impressions can make or break a relationship with a potential renter. Just as you would shower, shave, put on your best clothes and dab on some cologne before meeting a date at a restaurant, you want to make sure your house is looking its best when renters come for a tour.


Putting your home’s best foot forward isn’t too hard or too expensive, but it’s definitely worth the investment.  Here are a few simple things you can do to ensure that your home shows well and attracts quality tenants.


  • Stand on the street facing your home and try to see it through a tenant’s eyes. Is the lawn mowed? Are flower beds free of weeds and debris? Are the walkways and driveway swept and tidy? Tenants will live inside the home, but the curb appeal of the home can entice or turn off a potential renter before they even step foot through the front door.
  • Have the carpets professionally cleaned, with pet deodorizer if there have been any animals in the home. You might not see or smell any signs of pets or spilled drinks on the carpet, but a scrutinizing renter will, and their nose enters the property almost as fast as their eyes.
  • Make sure that the home is “white-glove” clean. If a tenant knows that the home is clean and ready to move right into, they’ll be much more inclined to apply immediately. Don’t forget those spots that are notoriously missed – the top of the fridge, inside bathroom drawers and window blinds.
  • Ensure that all light bulbs are working so that the home can be brightly lit during a showing.
  • If there are any minor maintenance items that are waiting to be done, don’t put them off any longer! Things like drippy faucets, running toilets, or damaged walls tell tenants that maintenance items get ignored on the property and a good tenant won’t want to get involved.

So while you’re preparing to make your home rent ready, keep that blind date in mind and make sure that your home doesn’t get passed over because of an unappealing first impression!