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Who doesn’t want to save a little money and get free stuff? We all know there are little tricks around our home that can help us save on energy cost. However, did you know that there are companies out there that will help you look for those energy savings? Puget Sound Energy has partnered with Eco Consulting to do just that for you. Please see the attached flyer for information about the services they provide. These services are of no cost to you and they will bring you up to 20 light bulbs and two shower heads for free to help cut the cost of your energy bill. So, again I ask, who doesn’t want to save a little money and get free stuff?

About Eco Consulting

Laundry, tips and tricks of the trade.

Everyone has it and not many like to do it. But there are many ways to be efficient at it and having best practices in your laundry will help you in your daily, weekly, or monthly routine.

  • The Dryer Lint trap. This is crucial to keep clean and clear. The dryer lint trap plays a crucial role in the drying process. It is there to catch debris from clogging up the ventilation system, however, if not properly maintained, itself can be the main reason for blockage. Check out this short video for a brief tutorial on how to make sure you clean it right.
  • Folding a Fitted Sheet. Most people don’t know how to fold a fitted sheet. It makes a very awkward storage in your linen closet when you have a bunch of stuffed up fitted sheets piled in there. To save space and for more organized storage, check out this short video.
  • Storing and Organizing Laundry. Folded sheets and towels tend to topple over if not folded well or organized perfectly. Over time we can also lose track of set of sheets. Check out this site to see how to best organize your sheets.

Here is a cheat sheet for other Laundry tips.


A First Impression can be everything…

Advertising your home for rent is a bit like preparing for a blind date. First impressions can make or break a relationship with a potential renter. Just as you would shower, shave, put on your best clothes and dab on some cologne before meeting a date at a restaurant, you want to make sure your house is looking its best when renters come for a tour.


Putting your home’s best foot forward isn’t too hard or too expensive, but it’s definitely worth the investment.  Here are a few simple things you can do to ensure that your home shows well and attracts quality tenants.


  • Stand on the street facing your home and try to see it through a tenant’s eyes. Is the lawn mowed? Are flower beds free of weeds and debris? Are the walkways and driveway swept and tidy? Tenants will live inside the home, but the curb appeal of the home can entice or turn off a potential renter before they even step foot through the front door.
  • Have the carpets professionally cleaned, with pet deodorizer if there have been any animals in the home. You might not see or smell any signs of pets or spilled drinks on the carpet, but a scrutinizing renter will, and their nose enters the property almost as fast as their eyes.
  • Make sure that the home is “white-glove” clean. If a tenant knows that the home is clean and ready to move right into, they’ll be much more inclined to apply immediately. Don’t forget those spots that are notoriously missed – the top of the fridge, inside bathroom drawers and window blinds.
  • Ensure that all light bulbs are working so that the home can be brightly lit during a showing.
  • If there are any minor maintenance items that are waiting to be done, don’t put them off any longer! Things like drippy faucets, running toilets, or damaged walls tell tenants that maintenance items get ignored on the property and a good tenant won’t want to get involved.

So while you’re preparing to make your home rent ready, keep that blind date in mind and make sure that your home doesn’t get passed over because of an unappealing first impression!

The importance of updating records

From time to time we lose track of where we stand with certain situations and accounts. One great blessing of not updating your records is going back and finding that you have money held in a state fund called unclaimed property. Unclaimed property is where funds go to find out if anyone that owed you money, but couldn’t find you. Washington state’s page is HERE. Each state has its own site and collection efforts.

If you are one of our clients, we strongly encourage you to keep your records up to date. In a few short weeks, we will be sending out our annual 1099 tax filings and it is imperative that you receive and review it. If there are any errors for any reason, we need to know, because we do have a month before those need to be reported to the IRS for filing.

We love what we do, (mainly because it creates some of the most wonderful stories, funny and interesting) and we want you to have a good experience with us. We hope you all enjoy the end of 2015 with a good Holiday time and we look forward to a new beginning of 2016!


Are you ready for Winter?

We’ve made it through thanksgiving, but does that mean we will make it through the holiday season without any problems? We strongly encourage all who are in our network to winterize their homes by prepping for the worst case scenarios. A few frequent problems we encounter are:

  • Refrigerators. Most people forget that a fridge needs upkeep. It needs basic cleaning and maintenance, otherwise it will go belly up on you when you least expect it. We have had dozens of tenants lose hundreds of dollars worth of food due to improper care for a refrigerator. For more details, check out sites like this one. 
  • Condensated Windows and window sills. This one can lead to some real health problems. All too often in the cold seasons, we don’t let the air in our homes circulate. We also tend to keep the blinds and curtains shut to keep out the cold, this creates a lot of condensation on the windows that can lead to mildew growth and eventually mold. No one wants to go through that, so crack your windows from time to time to give your home a fresh breath. Also, wipe down the window sills weekly to keep the water from settling.  The water can also cause unwanted damage that can take away from your security deposit return as well. 
  • Clearing debris from sides of the house. Some of the times winter storms knock down limbs and debris into our yards. Make sure not to pile those up against the house, as it can attract unwanted rodents and/or insects. This can also cause damaged to the siding. Not to mention those pesky HOA’s breathing down your necks for an unkept yard.

There are many other ways to prevent your home from having troubles this winter. Make sure you are prepared for all cases of emergency, from flashlights and candles to food storage for in times of need. 

We hope you have a safe and happy holiday season. 

Don’t get locked out!

We have recently received some late night/early morning phone calls for folks that have locked themselves out of their homes. With this morning’s cold and snowfall, as well as the few storms the area has had, we would like to encourage everyone to evaluate your entry and exit strategy for your home. Do you have a hide-a-key? Do you have an alternative entry method to your home? If the power is out, or your garage won’t open, can you still get into your home? These are things that you need to be aware of and concerned about. If we need to come out to help, there will be a fee to service the call. We are more than willing to do so, but we highly encourage you to make sure you have a plan.

Here is a link to a few ideas on how to hide a key secretly.


We all have pests in our lives. Some worse than others. Here at RPM, we often come across other peoples dirty laundry. Yesterday, it was someones fleas. We see it often when a tenant or owner moves out of a home and have become accustomed to treating homes for fleas. It really isn’t anything to be embarrassed about, but rather something to take responsibility over. Fleas are creatures that need a host in order to stay alive. With proper, safe treatment, your home, animals, and YOU can be free from fleas. Please help protect your investment as well as your security deposit by taking care of these pesky pests.

Sincerely, Real Property Management Today

Another Happy Tacoma Rental Property Tenant

We work hard to have happy tenants and here is another card to prove it!

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